Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


Display screen equipment, commonly referred to as DSE is prevalent across all sectors and its use is increasing.

This course covers traditional DSE, including the workstation, chair, keyboard and monitor, as well as discussing mobile DSE such as a laptops and tablets.

The risks of incorrect DSE use are covered and how to mitigate the risks by making small adjustments and implementing healthy work habits.


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  • DSE-related legislation, including rights and responsibilities.
  • The key components of DSE equipment, the risks they pose and how to mitigate them.
  • How to avoid common mobile DSE risks.


This course is suitable for any DSE user, including those working from a fixed desk to those working remotely or using mobile DSE.


  • Duration: 45-60 minutes
  • CPD Hours: 1
  • Assessment Type: Multiple choice
  • Access: 12 months
  • Accreditation: Digital Learning Certification Service
  • Localisation: UK and NI
  • Support: Phone and email


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